Redesign Your Space

It’s the beginning of the week. You just spent your weekend watching remodeling shows on cable.  You’ve seen how an outdated restaurant with a staff of felons can be brought to salvation through a new menu and 48 hours of inspired paint and carpentry. But as you look around your bank, it looks more like Read More

Separate Yourself from Your Competition

As most banks know, the decline of lobby transactions is growing at a rapid pace, and financial institutions need to start thinking differently to maintain and attract new clients. With the growing popularity of mobile technology and regions being overbanked, it has become more apparent that you, the financial institution, need to separate yourself from Read More

Servicing a Multitude of Generations

As 74 million Baby Boomers begin reaching their highest net worth, it is now time for financial institutions, if they have not already, to start focusing on the next generations. From the latest census data, the millennial generation has become the largest living generation at 75.4 million. This generation approaches financial services in a different Read More

Decrease Expenses and Increase Sales

  All companies that sell widgets or work in the service industry are always looking at improving the bottom line, and financial Institutions are no exception.  Since the great recession of the late 2000’s Banks have been searching for strategies to reduce costs but still improve performance. In many bank’s minds, the fastest way to Read More

Understanding Branch Transformation

The term “Branch Transformation” has become the new hot buzz word in the financial industry for incorporating technology into your financial delivery services.  The perception that many Bankers have, is that Branch Transformation means that you have to become more reliant on technology based services in lieu of providing the personal touch interaction.  This is Read More

Thanks NARCE!

Thank you to all the vendors and United States Ice Rink Association for welcoming us to our first North American Rink Conference and Expo (NARCE). Can’t wait for Buffalo and 2019 NARCE!

POWER PLAY PROJECTS: Leavenworth Pavilion

The Historic Sky Jump Preservation Club in Leavenworth, Washington retained HTG Architects to design an outdoor covered pavilion that would host warm weather month activities, as well as provide an ice skating facility in the winter. The site selected was an existing parking lot located behind the City Festhalle. A facility used as the city Read More

Is your rink ready for some recre-tainment?

You’ve done it; you’ve been able to secure the land, money and approval to move forward on an ice arena—and/or multipurpose facility—that will be enjoyed by the community for years to come.   So, now what?   While those definitely are the biggest hurdles (outlined in our recent article detailing the 5 initial steps to Read More