HTG Architects announces new staff

October, 2016 HTG Architects has announced that Architect, Katie Vasbinder, has joined the HTG team in the Bismarck, ND office. HTG continues to experience rapid growth in the area, with numerous financial projects underway and scheduled. Katie is a licensed architect and a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and the American Read More

Loading Zone Logic

Some functional considerations in Loading Zone Design By Rob Harley, HTG Architects – Tampa, FL Authors note: Literally as this Blog was being formatted for posting, the news broke about the Amtrak derailment in Hoboken NJ. The historical event referenced in this post was in no way chosen due to the tragic accident in NJ, Read More

“But it’s only a warehouse………..”

Aesthetic considerations for speculative industrial buildings. By Rob Harley, HTG Architects – Tampa, FL Part 1 In the 1850’s, the merchandising of consumer goods through a “dry goods”, “general store” type of model was beginning to be displaced by the emergence of “Department Stores”. These establishments were bigger, often quite opulent and had a great Read More

“Hey, Concrete Cracks”

“Hey, Concrete Cracks” – Design Priorities in Industrial Floor Slabs By Rob Harley, HTG Architects – Tampa, FL Little is actually known about the Roman Architect Vitruvius. We don’t even know the year he died. Some historians have suggested this implies that he was not very well known in his own time. But he did leave Read More

Clear Height Considerations

By Rob Harley, HTG Architects – Tampa, FL In 1962, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration purchased 80,000 acres of land on Merritt Island Florida. This land would become Cape Canaveral, and the Saturn V space program was underway. A collective of four New York Firms, known as URSAM, began designing the Vehicle Assembly Building Read More