Dylan Anderson

Graduate Intern

Dylan studied architecture at Iowa State University, and has returned to Minnesota - his home state - to begin his design career. He was drawn to architecture as a field of study because of it's application breadth and potential to create an impact. Architecture education provides the ability to be a generalist in design, which could be applied to graphic design, sculpture, drawing, and more. But when applied to architecture, there is the opportunity to make a difference by shaping and beautifying homes, towns, and communities. As he begins his professional work, he's most enjoying projects that allow him to work in 3D, using Sketchup, Rhino, Revit, etc. 

In his free time, Dylan mostly reads, plays board games, watches football, or toys around with his own projects - making models, messing around in photoshop, casting stuff, etc. And, when the chance presents itself and weather permits, he plays tennis, golfs, bikes, or snowboards.

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