Marshall Andrews

Sr. Project Manager

The unpredictable, yet dependable, road of life led Marshall to architecture. After working construction in MN winters for a few years after high school, he decided an indoor career was better suited to him. A drafting degree and an apprenticeship with an architect set him on the path of architecture and design. Marshall enjoys the creation process, and stepping back in the end to see and enjoy the final result. Working with owners that take pride in what they are building and designing spaces that exceed their expectations and help them reach their goals is the best part of the job, from Marshall's perspective.

Outside the office, you'll find Marshall on a field, in a gym, or in a pool, cheering for his kids. He also actively volunteers with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. (So, no, he doesn't have any free time.) He scores high on the 'Dad-greatness' scale!

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