Suzie Heiam

VP of Business Development

With a focus in recreation and commercial industries, Suzie connects with cities and organizations to determine how HTG can support their efforts to grow sports, recreation, and business in their communities. She enjoys how architecture blends problem solving and creativity to design buildings that are structurally sound, functional, efficient, and beautiful.

Outside of her time spent on HTG growth and development, Suzie focuses those same efforts on herself and her family. She has a goal to read 35 books this year, with the long-term target of reading 1 every week of the year. In the summer, like a true Minnesotan, she soaks up every warm weather day there is by gardening and walking outdoors. And in the winter, also like a true Minnesotan, you can find her on a rink watching her boys and their friends play hockey. In the remaining free time, she works to enhance her pottery and guitar skills.

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