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 Why All Bank Architects Are Not the Same

The overall success of your branch is heavily influenced by the architect you choose to work with. The stakes are too high to leave things to chance. By choosing an architect with extensive knowledge of and experience with the financial industry, you’re giving your branch the best chance at success.

 How Bank Architecture Has Changed in the Digital Age

Brick and mortar financial institutions are still relevant, but it’s worth noting that they’re relevant in different ways. Here's a look at how bank architecture has changed - and is changing - in the digital age.

 Looks Awesome Vs. Works Awesome – A Look at Bank Design

The overall appearance of a financial institution is undoubtedly important, but is it the most important factor to focus on? I’ve found time and time again that functionality is what keeps people coming back.

 Power Play Projects: Clearwater Ice Arena

HTG teamed up with Dr. Manuel Rose to update the decades old Clearwater Ice Arena.

 Insider Knowledge: Q&A with Kristin Egan

As president at Competitive Edge Rink Consulting, Egan has advised clients including HTG on developing standout arenas worldwide. We were lucky to squeeze in a chat the day before Egan launched New York City's first rooftop ice rink.

 Check out our new look!

We've entered 2019 with the same great design ideas, but a whole new website look.

 Beating the Heat with a Second Sheet: How Dr. Rose and HTG brought more ice to the Sunshine State

How Dr. Rose and HTG brought more ice to the Sunshine State

 No One Else Does InVision – Here’s Why It’s Critical

In short, InVision allows us to bring our experience to the table and help clients bring a project from an idea or concept into a fully formed plan that is feasible, schedule-bound and within budget. Here's what you need to know.

 6 Things to Think About Before You Start a Bank Design Project

While there are many things to consider before starting a bank design project, here are six of the most important things to think about.

 Why Banks are Starting to Share Their Space with Other Businesses

There's a growing trend of banks and credit unions choosing to share their space with other businesses. Here's a look at how this works and how it works to benefit each business involved.

 What’s Our InVision?

At HTG we provide solutions that make a difference. What that means is we bring our experience to the table to help owners take a project from idea to concept to design and through construction.

 Why Build a Multipurpose Facility?

When Dakotah! Sport & Fitness first opened in Minnesota in 1994, local families didn’t have a large health club to work out at within 20 miles. The seasonal ice rink had closed down, so all residents had were strip mall fitness centers and racquetball clubs in the nearby towns of Prior Lake and Shakopee.

 Ice, Ice, Baby: Q&A with Rink-Tec Gillespie

If you’ve ever taken a stride on an indoor sheet of ice, you immediately know the difference between a good sheet and a bad sheet. And a bad sheet of ice is unacceptable to Kyle Gillespie, president at Rink-Tec.

 Redesign Your Space

It’s the beginning of the week. You just spent your weekend watching remodeling shows on cable. You’ve seen how an outdated restaurant with a staff of felons can be brought to salvation through a new menu and 48 hours of inspired paint and carpentry.

 Separate Yourself from Your Competition

As most banks know, the decline of lobby transactions is growing at a rapid pace, and financial institutions need to start thinking differently to maintain and attract new clients.

 Servicing a Multitude of Generations

As 74 million Baby Boomers begin reaching their highest net worth, it is now time for financial institutions, if they have not already, to start focusing on the next generations. From the latest census data, the millennial generation has become the largest living generation at 75.4 million.

 Decrease Expenses and Increase Sales

All companies that sell widgets or work in the service industry are always looking at improving the bottom line, and financial Institutions are no exception. Since the great recession of the late 2000’s Banks have been searching for strategies to reduce costs but still improve performance.

 Understanding Branch Transformation

The term “Branch Transformation” has become the new hot buzz word in the financial industry for incorporating technology into your financial delivery services. The perception that many Bankers have, is that Branch Transformation means that you have to become more reliant on technology based services in lieu of providing the personal touch interaction.

 Building relationships: Q&A with Brian Teeters

It takes a team to build a building. Behind every one facility are dozens upon dozens of men and women who help bring the vision to life. Brian Teeters, president at Engelsma Construction, Inc., is one of those people.

 Is your rink ready for some recre-tainment?

You’ve done it; you’ve been able to secure the land, money and approval to move forward on an ice arena—and/or multipurpose facility—that will be enjoyed by the community for years to come. So, now what?

 5 Initial Steps to Make Your Ice Facility Dreams a Reality

In life, there are dreamers and doers. The magic happens when you bring these people together to construct the dreams into something tangible. Anyone can wish for the facility of his or her dreams, but HTG wants to help create that reality.

 Exceeding the wildest dreams: Q&A with HTG Partner and Architect Tom Moorse

They say architecture is the act of bringing art to life. If that’s the case, there’s no question Tom Moorse is an artist. Moorse, HTG partner and architect, has worked in the land of building and construction for more than 25 years, including 10 years with a focus on ice arenas.

 6 Mistakes Made While Planning an Ice Rink (and how to avoid them)

Think like a developer: Are the elements of the design attracting people in or adding revenue sources to the bottom line?

 Go for Gold: Q&A with Vadnais Heights resident & 2018 gold-medal Olympian Hannah Brandt

Hannah Brandt didn’t step on to the ice and instantly fall in love. No, 5-year-old Hannah wasn’t a fan of hockey right away. Her feet were so cold that she almost quit on the spot.

 Tips: What to Look for in an Architect

There are many components that go into selecting the right architect for your project – here are 8 that provide a great starting point.

 Two Sheets Are Better Than One

John Gardiner explains why Pagel Ice Arena’s two ice sheets have been a huge hit for the entire Minnetonka Community

 Wearing the ‘C’; Gentry Academy students learn leadership qualities on and off the ice

On the corner of County Road E just past Highway 61 in Vadnais Heights, Minnesota, sits a private school unlike any other. The three-story brick building is home to roughly 110 students from fifth through 12th grade who are both academically and athletically inclined.

 3 Steps to Selecting the Right Site for your Financial Institution

Is it time for you to move? Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current facility? Are your numbers down and you’re wondering if a different location would make a difference? Is it time to start looking for an additional location?

 3 Steps to Modernize Technology in Your Branch

In this day and age, many would have you believe that the physical banking branch is on its way out. You’ve heard it time and time again, people are using mobile apps and websites to handle their business. So why would anyone want or need to visit a bank in person?

 Loading Zone Logic

The Granville to Paris “Montparnasse Express” was running about three minutes late. It was the 22nd of October in 1897 and the steam locomotive number 721 was trying to make up time in order to unload its 131 passengers on schedule.

 “But it’s only a warehouse…” Part 2

When I began writing this Blog about Commercial Architecture not very long ago, I stated that I would always try to tie the post to history in some way. So for part 2 of the series in this post I am compelled to refer to events in the truly ancient past. I want to relate an experience I had as a sophomore in College.

 “But it’s only a warehouse…” Part 1

In the 1850’s, the merchandising of consumer goods through a “dry goods”, “general store” type of model was beginning to be displaced by the emergence of “Department Stores”. These establishments were bigger, often quite opulent and had a great many more items to offer than their predecessors.

 Build It and They Will Come. Industrial.

In February of 1849, a contingent of US Army Engineers sailed down the west coast of Florida and surveyed the mouth of Tampa Bay for the feasibility of establishing a coastal defense position there.

 “Hey, Concrete Cracks”

Little is actually known about the Roman Architect Vitruvius. We don’t even know the year he died. Some historians have suggested this implies that he was not very well known in his own time. But he did leave behind the only known Architectural treatise from classical antiquity.

 Clear Height Considerations

In 1962, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration purchased 80,000 acres of land on Merritt Island Florida. This land would become Cape Canaveral, and the Saturn V space program was underway.

 Commercial Buildings: A First Time For Everything

Having been in the Commercial Architecture field for over 25 years, I sometimes fool myself into believing that I have seen everything. Usually, about the time that attitude comes along, something happens to bring me back to reality.

 Recreational Center Design: How to Manage Visitor Flow

Visitor flow is an issue for any recreational center, especially when a heavy traffic flow is anticipated. With traffic fluctuating dramatically throughout the day, it’s important that rec centers accommodate large numbers without building a larger facility than necessary.

 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Site for Your New Bank

When a customer chooses a bank, convenience is a large part of the decision. Since a trip to the bank usually shares a space on a to-do list with other items, it’s important that the bank be located in an area that’s convenient for your consumer market.

 Co-Branding: How a Strategic Bank Design Can Bring in More Customers

How do banks reach new customers? With lobby transaction counts on the decline in general, how can you get more potential customers to and into your facilities?

 4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Architect

Thanks to the internet, it’s easier to find an architect than ever, whether you use it to ask your friends or to conduct research on your list of candidates.

 Maximizing Office Space

Mike Kraft, former colleague and associate, explains five tips to transform your space so your image supports your business.

 Decrease Expenses. Increase Revenue.

When was the last time you ‘tuned’ your branch network? You tune up your car to make sure it runs at peak performance. Your branch network deserves the same attention.