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 Breaking Down the Investment: How Much Does It Really Cost To Start a Bank?

Find out how much it costs to start a bank, including land, security, technology and other components, from the HTG Architects design experts.

 The Science of Bank Lighting: Exploring the Impact of Light on Customer Behavior

Lighting is a powerful tool influencing our emotions, behaviors and health. Learn how proper lighting impacts bank design and customer behavior.

 What Vendor Coordination Is & Why You Need Help With It

Vendor coordination is a critical component of a new project. Learn about what vendor coordination is and how architects can help with the process.

 Shopping for an Architecture Firm? Watch for These Red Flags

Choosing the right architect is crucial to the success of your project. Avoid these red flags when vetting architects to avoid costly issues down the road.

 6 Ways to Increase Your Bank’s Foot Traffic

Increasing foot traffic in your bank starts with bank architecture. Here are six ways to improve bank design and allow more traffic in your building.

 3 Tips to Improve Efficiency When Designing a Bank

People expect efficient, timely interactions when banking. Here are three tips to improve efficiency when designing a bank.

 How the Cost of Building a Bank Has Changed in 2022

The cost of building a new bank is still rising. Take a look at how building costs for 2022 are changing and what some of the potential causes may be.

 What Is FF&E & Why Does It Matter in Banking?

What is FF&E and why does it matter? Learn how furniture, fixtures & equipment can affect your business' bottom dollar.

 Why Is Retail Design So Important for a Financial Institution?

Did you know that retail design can have a big impact on your financial institution? It's true. Find why it's so important here.

 What Are the Characteristics of a Good Architect Firm? Q&A with HTG Architects

The quality of the architect you work with will significantly impact your final product. Learn about the features that distinguish the good from the bad.

 Top Three Banking Trends for 2022

Learn about the top three bank trends for 2022 from financial architects: fintech, in-person banking and physical space and consolidation.

 Hiway Credit Union Wins Award for Outstanding Branch Design

Hiway Credit Union wins 2021 Future Branches: Outstanding Branch Design award for work with HTG Architects on new Roseville, Minnesota branch location.

 Ready to Remodel Your Bank? Read This First

When your bank needs some updating, it’s easy to want to jump ship to a new location altogether. But a remodel can actually be the most cost-effective.

 Making the Case for (Unused) Space in Your Bank Building

With the absence of traditional foot traffic, banks actually have an abundance of opportunities to find new ways of serving their local communities.

 The 7 Toughest Questions Bank Presidents are Asking in 2021

After a year of rolling with the punches and finding creative answers, bank presidents are hard at work figuring out how exactly they’ll rebound from 2020.

 Site Selection 101: Foundation for Financial Buildings

Choosing a new site to build your bank can feel like a game of dice. Don’t gamble on your next bank site. Here are six factors you should consider.

 Location is King: Where the Best Banks are Built

Physical bank branches remain a crucial pillar of our society, and the best banks are built in locations that exceed customer expectations.

 Architecture Quick Tip: Consider & Plan for the Chain Reaction

One design decision could have a major impact, which can easily increase the cost of your renovation. Architecture Quick Tip: consider the chain reaction.

 Details Matter—Especially in Architecture

Details related to a wide reference of all the things we think about when we create a set of construction documents for a contractor to build the project.

 What is Banking's 'New Normal' Following the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The most asked question of our financial clients today is: what will be the new normal once the pandemic is over? Here's what we believe:

 Design a Bank Your Customers Want to Visit

Appealing to your financial customers' needs and wants starts by designing a bank that appeals to the customer experience. Build better for more customers.

 5 Things to Consider When Building a New Bank

There's more to where you build your next bank location than its physical address. Here are 5 things to consider when you build.

 Architecture Quick Tip: Plan for the Unknown in Any Renovation Project

You never know what's behind your walls and ceilings - that's both the fun and the challenge of a renovation or remodel. Plan for the unexpected.

 Your Guide to Understanding Branch Transformation

“Branch Transformation” has become the hot new buzz word in the financial industry for incorporating technology into your financial delivery services.

 3 Dos and Don’ts for Functional, Beautiful Bank Building Design

In bank design and architecture, it’s common to have a near-endless stream of priorities all vying for your attention.

 How to Determine When It's Time to Remodel your Financial Institution

Most financial institutions provide the same products and level of service; you need to use your appearance and brand to stand out among the crowd.

 Thinking Big and Dreaming Bigger: Med5 Federal Credit Union

Get an inside look at how Med5 Credit Union's new main office came to be. Featuring Med5 President, Pam Brown-Graff.

 A Solution to 'Empty Lobby Syndrome' for Your Financial Institution

Break the silence and reinstate enthusiasm and vibrancy into your halls again by co-branding your financial institution.

 Banking Done Differently: Hire People with People Skills (Video)

Having people with people skills on your front line in your community bank or credit union will make you stand out from the competition. 

 Banking's New Normal: Evolving Client Service Post COVID-19

The decline of lobby traffic isn't new to banks and credit unions, but is has certainly been accelerated by the COVID pandemic. So, how do you respond?

 Co-Branding: How a Strategic Bank Design Can Bring in More Customers

With lobby transaction counts on the decline in general, how can you get more potential customers to and into your facilities?

 Creating a Welcoming Bank Interior

Online banking has dramatically impacted the financial industry overall, including bank interior design.

 Looks Awesome Vs. Works Awesome – A Look at Bank Floor Plans

The overall appearance of a financial institution is important, but is it the most important? We’ve found functionality is what keeps people coming back.

 Credit Unions, Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Credit unions are more than financial institutions; they are places for community-building and connection.

 Modern Banking, Your Way

Today’s bank customers expect a different experience than the traditional lobby and teller wall. Discover what a modern banking experience looks like.

 VIDEO BLOG: A COVID-19 Security Challenge Worth Considering

I encourage you to be thinking about the new safety measure (masks) that doubles as a potential security concern in the banking world.

 COVID-19 Safe Banking Tip: Quick Fix for Transaction Counters (Video)

When your financial institution lobby can reopen after the mandated shutdown during COVID-19, how can you make your customers and employees feel safe?

 Why Design Matters When Building a Bank

Good bank design is a design that takes into supports operations and accounts for all potential variables.

 What Does HTG’s Bid Process Coordination Look Like?

The bidding process is an important part of every project. Here's how HTG handles bid process coordination.

 Our Clients Save Because of Our Designs. Here's How.

A financial institution's profit margin has a lot to do with its design.

 Project Dream Team: Keeping the Bank Architect and Contractor Separate

Over the last few decades, we’ve worked on thousands of projects within the financial industry. And we’ve figured out which team structure works best. 

 Med5 FCU New Facility Designed to Solve for Declining Transactions

Med5 Federal Credit Union's new branch and corporate office was designed to foster relationship-based experiences for members, as well as non-customers.

 HTG’s EvoBank Process [Infographic]

We continue to develop and refine our bank design processes to better meet the needs of our clients. Here's an inside look at one of our processes.

 8 Hours to InVision Your Ideal Bank Design Project

InVision is our way of collaborating with our clients to uncover, organize, and prioritize the many components that will go into their project. 

 Are Online-Only Banks the Answer?

Online banking allows customers 24/7 accessibility to their accounts and provides plenty of conveniences, but are online-only banks the answer? 

 Community and Core Values: Quality Time With Our Team and Our Brand

We're living our core values out loud! An August afternoon scavenger hunt had us exploring our core values and getting creative with our teammates.

 HTG Knows How to Build a Bank — We Have 2,500 Projects to Prove It

In the span of six decades, we’ve completed over 2,500 financial architecture projects and continued to build our expertise.

 6 Things to Think About Before You Start a Bank Design Project

While there are many things to consider before starting a bank design project, here are six of the most important things to think about.

 Why You Should Consider Getting Rid of Teller Lines

For some of you out there, the idea of a bank without teller lines might sound absolutely nuts. But universal bankers are the future.

 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Bank Architect

How do you find a bank architect for your next project? These steps will get you there.

 4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting or Remodeling a Branch

When you first engage with an architect for your new bank branch, what do you need to know? There are some necessary components at the beginning.

 We Specialize in Bank Design — Why That Matters

HTG Architects maintains an unmatched level of expertise in how the financial industry relates to design and architecture.

 Banks are Not Dead — Here’s Why

Online banking continues to grow in popularity, and lobby transactions are in decline, but that doesn’t mean banking is dead.

 5 Reasons Why We're Not Big City Bank Architects

At HTG Architects, our core values guide our day-to-day interactions and help us achieve our core focus: Developing solutions for our clients’ needs.

 The Importance of Experience & Expertise in Bank Architecture

Working with a bank architect who has experience and expertise within the financial industry will give your branch an edge.

 6 Reasons to Choose a Bank Remodel Instead of New Construction

Choosing to remodel a bank instead of starting from scratch with a new construction project can bring a series of benefits. Here’s a look at six.

 How To Start a Bank with Fewer Employees and Why It Matters

Employees are responsible for the day-to-day operations that allow your bank to meet the needs of each customer who comes through the door every day.

 You Want to Hire a Bank Architect - We Get It

When you think of banks, you think local. And when it comes to building a new branch, hiring a local architecture firm sounds like a perfect way to start.

 Considering the Ins and Outs of FF&E

Regardless of the specifics of your branch, it will require FF&E procurement, which means someone needs to be in charge of logistics. Who should that be?

 Building a Bank? Here’s What to Expect from Timelines to Construction

Sometimes, clients want a bank project started yesterday and finished next week. But it's important to remember that that building a bank takes time.

 Why All Bank Architects Are Not the Same

The overall success of your branch is heavily influenced by the architect you choose to work with. The stakes are too high to leave things to chance.

 How Bank Architecture Has Changed in the Digital Age

Brick and mortar financial institutions are still relevant, but in different ways. Here's a look at how bank architecture has been changing.

 Check out our new look!

We've entered 2019 with the same great design ideas, but a whole new website look.

 No One Else Does InVision – Here’s Why It’s Critical

InVision allows us to bring our experience to the table and help clients bring a project from an idea or concept into a fully formed plan.

 Why Banks are Starting to Share Their Space with Other Businesses

There's a growing trend of banks and credit unions choosing to share their space. Here's a look at how it works and how it benefits each business involved.

 What’s Our InVision?

At HTG, we bring our experience to the table to help owners take a project from idea to concept to design and through construction.

 Redesign Your Space

Customers are drawn to experiences that are memorable. There are a lot of great ways to gain efficiency and convey your bank’s personality in your space.

 Separate Yourself from Your Competition

The decline of lobby transactions is growing rapidly, and financial institutions need to start thinking differently to maintain and attract new clients.

 Servicing a Multitude of Generations

As 74 million Baby Boomers begin reaching their highest net worth, it is now time for financial institutions to start focusing on the next generations.

 Decrease Expenses and Increase Sales

All companies that sell widgets or work in the service industry are always looking at improving the bottom line, and financial institutions are no exception.

 Building relationships: Q&A with Brian Teeters

Behind every one facility are men and women who help bring the vision to life. Brian Teeters, president at Engelsma Construction, Inc., is one of them.

 3 Steps to Selecting the Right Site for your Financial Institution

Is it time for you to move? Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current facility? Is it time to start looking for an additional location?

 3 Steps to Modernize Technology in Your Branch

Many believe that physical banking is on its way out. People are using mobile to handle their business. So why would anyone need to visit a bank in person?

 Loading Zone Logic

Loading Zone design concerns are broadly organized into three groups: motion and time, cargo handling, and safety.

 “But it’s only a warehouse…” Part 2

It was 1978, Jimmie Carter was President, Ted Bundy had just been arrested, and Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat were meeting at the Camp David Accords.

 “But it’s only a warehouse…” Part 1

In the 1850’s, the merchandising of consumer goods were bigger, often quite opulent, and had a great many more items to offer than their predecessors.

 Build It and They Will Come. Industrial.

In February of 1849, a contingent of US Army Engineers sailed down the west coast of Florida and surveyed the mouth of Tampa Bay.

 “Hey, Concrete Cracks”

Little is actually known about the Roman Architect Vitruvius. Some historians have suggested he was not very well known in his own time.

 4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Architect

Today, it’s easier to find an architect than ever before — whether you use it to ask your friends or to conduct research on your list of candidates.

 How to Maximize Your Office Space

Mike Kraft, former colleague and associate, explains five tips to transform your space so your image supports your business.

 Decrease Expenses. Increase Revenue.

When was the last time you ‘tuned’ your branch network? You tune up your car to ensure it runs. Your branch network deserves the same attention.