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Credit unions are more than financial institutions; they are places for community-building and connection. So when it comes to envisioning a new construction initiative for a credit union, it’s important to consider how the design and architecture of the space will complement and support the experience and impact for members. 

When a credit union is built with individual members and community in mind, they become much more than an iconic building in the neighborhood. They become an accessible and inviting place for members to connect with one another, conduct personal and professional business and engage with trusted partners and resources.

Getting to Know You

At HTG, our professional staff are architects and artists, family members and community members. And each of these roles is instrumental when designing and building a credit union. 

  • As architects and artists, we bring extensive experience and expertise related to quality standards, materials and operational efficiencies. We help clients explore their customer experience, and we are attentive to the products, services, customer care standards and workflow that are unique to the member community. 
  • As family members and community members, we value accessibility, comfort, engagement and thoughtful design that perfectly aligns with creating a space where “everyone knows your name.” 

Handle with Care

Every credit union has a unique set of characteristics at the heart of their organization which often align with, and represent, the organization’s brand, products and services and members. The key to building a functional, beautiful, community-centric facility is to spend time up front to not only discuss the actual space, but to understand what the space represents and how it will connect members to the mission, culture and purpose of the organization. At HTG, our InVision process allows us to work with clients to uncover, organize and prioritize the many facets of the organization. InVision is our practice, with the client’s purpose in mind.  

InVision is where design and architecture meet member experience and impact. Our process embodies the collective experience of HTG staff, draws upon the inherent knowledge of clients and guides the design team to provide solutions and ideas that make a difference. The Ultimate Workbook for Designing a Bank Facility provides insights and exercises aimed to explore image and design, customer demographics, location, interior and exterior space and functionality. 

Designing a credit union with individuals and community in mind ensures the finished space embodies inclusion and relationships, versus necessity and transaction. The goal is to create a space that feels as though it belongs to the community.

HTG has thousands of financial institutions in its portfolio. View the case studies for Med5 Federal Credit Union in Rapid City, South Dakota, and Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, to get a glimpse of our process and to see the finished results of these community-centric spaces. 

Contact us to speak with an expert about making the vision of your future credit union a reality.

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Published on July 07, 2020

Topics: Bank Design

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