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Here at HTG Architects, our approach to the design process is different. Since we first started operations in 1959 up until today, we’ve continued to develop and refine our processes. And it’s through these efforts that, we’re better able to meet the needs of our clients, time and time again. Today, I’m providing an inside look at one of our processes: EvoProcess. 

EvoProcess is the name we’ve given to our research and planning efforts within the industries we serve. From the very beginning, HTG architects has specialized in architecture for banks and credit unions. Over time, we also grew specialties in serving the commercial industry as well as the recreation industry. For each industry, we have our own EvoProcess, but today, our primary focus is on our approach to the financial industry. HTG_EvoBank-Process-Infographic_Blog-Slices-01

We’ve outlined our EvoProcess for the financial industry, EvoBank, below: 

Introducing EvoBank 

HTG EvoBank Process

As you saw, EvoBank is a process that’s ongoing and ever-evolving. It’s how we invest time and energy into education specific to the financial industry. It’s how we continue to build on our existing knowledge base. The primary components of EvoBank are attending industry conferences, building vendor relationships, following the industry thought leaders and identifying regional trends. These areas, combined with our project experience, provide us with the experience and expertise to serve our clients to the fullest. 

Attending Industry Conferences


Conference attendance enables HTG Architects to remain on the leading edge of what’s changing in the financial industry. And our conference attendance isn’t all about exhibiting. We attend the seminars, meals, social hours and everything else a conference has to offer. We’re there to hear what’s being said, and how it may affect future design trends. 

Building Vendor Relationships


When you’ve specialized in an industry long enough, you start to recognize familiar businesses, names and faces. We’ve met, worked with and developed relationships with the top vendors serving the financial industry, and those relationships enable us to draw upon expertise that goes well beyond the bank design process.  The relationships help us see future trends. 

Following the Industry Thought Leaders


In every industry there are thought leaders, and the financial industry is no different. We subscribe to (and actually read) electronic newsletters and magazines from industry thought leaders. The insights and information from these thought leaders is something we apply to how we serve our clients. 

Identifying Regional Trends 


Serving clients all across the United States means accounting for regional differences and understanding regional trends.  What works for a new credit union in North Dakota is not the same as what’ll work for a new credit union in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. Each region follows trends at its own pace, and EvoBank enables us to know which trends will best serve different areas.

All that being said, EvoProcess means our clients never have to shoulder the burden of educating us about their industry. Whether they’re financial (EvoBank), commercial (EvoComm), or recreational (EvoSport), every project we take on benefits from the time and resources we dedicate to research and planning.


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Published on October 24, 2019

Topics: HTG Architects, Bank Architecture

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