Granite Community Bank of Cold Spring, MN

When you engage with an industry over a long period of time, it’s like having a front-row seat to that industry’s evolution. For us, it’s the financial industry. We’ve been providing architecture services to the financial industry for 60 years, and we continue to bring our expertise and experience to every new project. Over the decades, banking has always been full of changes. Still, we’ve served our clients throughout that time, continuing to listen, learn, and invest in relationships.

Here's a bit of background about how our expertise came to be.   

Industry Expertise from Experience

In the span of six decades, we’ve completed over 2,500 financial architecture projects all across the United States. Yes, you read that right — 2,500. These experiences have helped us immensely in building our expertise. 

We’re able to draw from our extensive backlog of projects, including both banks and credit unions. In fact, every client we engage with has a different story and a unique vision for what they’re looking to accomplish.

Here’s a look at a few financial architecture projects we’ve partnered on: 

Granite Community Bank

Granite Community Bank of Cold Spring, MN

Read about our partnership with Granite Community Bank of Cold Spring, MN

HomeTown Bank

HomeTown Bank of Waconia, MN

Read about our partnership with HomeTown Bank of Waconia, MN

Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union

Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union

Read about our partnership with Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union

In order to help clients and serve their needs, we rely on the expertise we’ve gained throughout every project, but that’s not all we rely on. 

Industry Expertise from Research and Planning

As part of our process, we remain engaged in ongoing research and planning to ensure we’re always growing our body of knowledge about the industries we serve. Respective to the financial sector, our approach is called “EvoBank®.” Through EvoBank®, we stay up-to-date on the research, findings, and trends within the financial industry. 

It’s our way of ensuring we invest time and energy into ongoing, industry-specific education because we believe it’s our responsibility to bring that expertise to the table. EvoBank® includes attending multiple financial industry conferences (And we don’t mean attending as a vendor. We attend seminars, keynotes, meals, social hours, etc.), as well as subscribe to industry publications from various institutions and thought leaders. 

You Can Rely on HTG’s Financial Architecture Expertise 

By sharing a bit about how our expertise developed, I hope to assure you that within the realm of financial architecture, our experience and capabilities are unmatched. If you have a financial architecture project on your horizon, whether it’s a remodel, tenant improvement project, site selection study, or new construction, you can rely on us. To learn more, contact one of our financial architects:

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Published on September 04, 2019

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