Of all the skills and capabilities an architecture firm can bring to your bank project, experience and expertise are the most valuable. But even an experienced architecture firm might not have expertise in the financial industry. When you’re searching for the firm to take on your next project, it’s extremely important to look for relevant experience and expertise.

Architecture by Industry

Any industry is going to have its complexities. Someone looking in from the outside can probably grasp the main ideas and the larger concepts, but they’re going to end up missing the finer details. And that’s because the finer details are things you learn and understand over time. The same can be said for architecture.

Any architect is capable of designing a structure. It’s really just a process of combining a ceiling and a floor with walls, doors, windows, and roofs. But they’ll choose how those elements come together based on whatever their area of expertise is. And if their area of expertise is outside of your industry, the final result probably won’t exceed your expectations.

Bank Architecture

When banks and credit unions are designed by architects who are not experts in the financial industry, it shows. You see, when the architect doesn’t have expertise in the banking industry, they rely on their clients to educate them and explain how things work. But there are problems in that approach.

Most owners and key stakeholders are experts on all things to do with their banks, but they are not experts in how their industry applies to architecture. All areas of the financial industry are complex and highly competitive. In order for branches to become successful, they need more than luck and good intentions.

Financial Architects with Expertise

Working with a bank architect who has experience and expertise within the financial industry will give your branch an edge. While there is no single right approach to bank architecture, it’s the combination of your business, brand, and culture with an architect’s experience and expertise that will reveal the right approach for your project.

At HTG Architects, we are experts in bank architecture. We have thousands of financial institutions in our portfolio, and we don’t expect our clients to educate us on their industry. We are already educated and up-to-date because of our method of industry research and planning, EvoProcess.

When you work with HTG Architects, the process will be professional and service-minded, and the result will be a bank project that fits your brand and culture while functioning as an industry-leading branch.

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Published on April 29, 2019

Topics: New Construction, Tenant Improvement, Bank Design, Remodel, Bank Architecture

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