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InVision is the name of our architectural consulting process. Through InVision, we work with our clients to uncover, organize and prioritize all of the components their project will contain.

The process is unique to our organization, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it. Explaining what InVision is and how it works is a perfectly standard part of what we do.

What is InVision?

We’ve answered this question in great detail in a previous article, but for the purposes of this post, know that InVision will:

  • Guide you through early planning and conceptual design
  • Let you learn about current, industry-specific trends and technologies
  • Meld your vision with our experience and current trends
  • Enable us to design a facility that fits your image, culture and needs

In short, InVision allows us to bring our experience to the table and help clients bring a project from an idea or concept into a fully formed plan that is feasible, schedule-bound and within budget.

InVision + Architecture

Understanding the value InVision brings to a project requires a look at the three distinct processes that comprise it:

  1. InVision, Programming and Feasibility
  2. InVision, Site Selection Studies
  3. InVision, Site and Building Assessments

Whether a project requires one, two or all three will depend on its unique circumstances. Let’s take a look at each process in detail.

InVision, Programming and Feasibility

Each project is a combination of what seems like countless variables. During Programming and Feasibility, all of those variables, or “pieces of the puzzle” are decided upon, and how they will work together is determined.

As an all-day or half-day process, InVision, Programming and Feasibility is a fun and exciting experience to go through that challenges our clients to think differently and helps them realize the full vision of what their project can and will be.

InVision, Site Selection Studies

Overall, location can have the single greatest impact on the success of a project. We use a 9-point mathematical model to determine which sites will perform and to disqualify sites that won’t.

The statistical data of our 9-point model removes the guesswork of determining the right location. As a result, we highly recommend getting in touch with us before purchasing any sites.   

InVision, Site and Building Assessments

Sometimes, it’s essential to determine what is and isn’t possible with a potential site or building. InVision, Site and Building Assessments will uncover just that. This process is especially helpful for remodeling projects.

Upon completing InVision, our team gathers everything to define the Scope of the Project, which will include its conceptual design, schedule and budget. Armed with these deliverables, our clients can use them to obtain board approval, buy-in from key stakeholders or any other final approvals needed.

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Published on January 22, 2019

Topics: New Construction, HTG Architects

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