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Banks become pillars within the communities they serve. They’re the places families visit when it’s time to purchase their first home, take out a small business loan or educate their children on the importance of saving for the future.

When you think of banks, you think local. And when it comes to building a new branch, hiring a local architecture firm might sound like the perfect way to start your banking project off on the right foot.

After all, local is always better, right?

Local Architects

While it’s highly likely you will find local architecture firms willing to take on your upcoming bank project, it’s less likely that they will have the expertise and experience to give your new branch the foundation it needs to succeed.

Today’s financial climate is competitive – to say the least – and the choices that can mean success or failure for a new branch happen early in the planning stages. How early? Well, let’s just say choosing the wrong location is sometimes all it takes.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand: Local architects. It’s easy enough to find a local architect, and it’s possible to find a bank architect, but "local bank" architects aren’t a reality in a lot of locations.

Bank Architects Bring Expertise

Local or not, architecture firms with experience in the financial industry are going to be well-versed in what it takes to execute a project successfully. Here at HTG, we have completed thousands of bank architecture projects all across the country. As part of our internal process, we remain on the leading edge of banking trends, technologies, best practices and regulations.

Our banking clients know that they don’t have to be experts in what it takes to build a successful bank branch. That’s our job. They just need to bring the insights regarding their brand and their vision.

And you know what else? We will keep many components of your project local.

Bank Architecture and Local Contractors

Typically, working with local contractors takes place once a project's scope is defined and we move into Architecture and Engineering. This phase involves working with interior designers, landscapers, engineers (civil, structural, mechanical and electrical) and more. And if working local is important to you and your project, this is the time to include them.

Even though nearby architects might not have the industry expertise your project requires, HTG is a bank architecture firm who will work with local general contractors, subcontractors, engineers and vendors on the many components that go into your bank project. In some instances, we even recommend it.

For example, choosing a civil engineer who works in the city your new branch will be is an excellent idea. A local civil engineer will know your community better than anybody else, and they’ll know exactly how to run the right calculations.

Similarly, there’s a lot of value in working with a local landscaping company. They’re going to know how to abide by the city ordinances while giving you the best possible curb appeal. Keeping certain aspects of a bank architecture project local makes sense for everyone involved, and at HTG, we're committed to making that happen. 

And remember, when you partner with HTG on a project, we include project management and vendor coordination as part of our services, meaning you won't have the shoulder the responsibility that comes with it.

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Published on March 18, 2019

Topics: How to Start a Bank

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