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As a team, we're committed to spending time once per month outside of our work/day-to-day 'normal' with the goal of giving our time, talents and treasures to make a difference in our world. This month we completed a scavenger hunt designed to bring our core values and mission to the forefront of our minds. Through different team-based tasks we spent time doing good for our community, getting to know our teammates a little better, and experiencing our core values in a whole new way.

If you're interested in getting to know our team and the HTG mission a little better, keep on reading. If you want more in depth detail of our scavenger hunt, check out our story on Instagram or the album on Facebook.



In addition to our clients and team members, we aim to serve our community. As part of our scavenger hunt we collected a food shelf donation and tied blankets for Project Linus.

Scavenger Hung Blog Photo - SERVE


Hearing with the intent to listen, not respond, is a trait we all value. So in this challenge we completed a few tasks that encouraged us to listen - and then get creative based on what we heard.

Clue #5:
My friends, here is your mission.
Crank up the one-hit-wonder by Vanilla Ice
Now it's time to LISTEN.
And select a lyric line that fits in nice...
...with a core value we hold dear,
and consider core.
Then write it on the wall in conference room two,
but wait...there's more.
If you're late to the game
You can't pick just any old line.
You must choose one that hasn't been picked
or you'll pay the fine.
Once your value-centric lyric line is chosen
and written on the wall
head back to the lobby
for Clue #6 kit and protocol.

Here's what was selected:

  • Stop, Collaborate and LISTEN (bonus points were earned for finding a lyric with a core value in it!)
  • If there's a problem, yo - I'll solve it.
  • Slice like a Ninja
  • Love it or leave it.


Learning is core in our day-to-day and is part of our EVOProcess. So it only made sense to have it sprinkled throughout our hunt. The best example of our learning was the final trivia game, with a mix of general knowledge and specific HTG questions. Here are just a few to give you a taste - and maybe you'll learn a thing or two, too!

  1. What does HTG stand for? Hickey Thorstenson and Grover - the last names of the 3 original founding partners of our firm
  2. Name 4 Partners in our 60 year history that have only ever been employed at this firm? Gene Hickey, Jon Thorstenson, Jim Grover, Jeff Pflipsen & Sean Raboin
  3. Which body parts never stop growing? Nose & Ears
  4. Which 3 employees have been here the longest, not including Partners? Rosie (27), Russ (21), Heather (19) 
  5. Name 3 Prince songs: Purple Rain | Let's Go Crazy | When Doves Cry | Little Red Corvette | 1999 | Kiss | Raspberry Beret
  6. Who lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea? Spongebob Square Pants


In our daily work, we energetically communicate, educate, inspire and dream with passion and a positive attitude. Some days that requires more coffee than others. So in this scavenger hunt, this core value was wrapped up in a riddle that had to be solved to earn the next clue.

All want me new, none want me old.
Have me how you want me: hot or cold, weak or bold.
Kelsey can't have much of me and Jeff can't get enough.
I can help you [insert core value here] to get through all your stuff.


Everything we do begins and ends in relationships. To do our job well, we need to get to know the people we are working with on both professional and personal levels so we can design spaces that meet their needs, requirements, and brand. The scavenger hunt encouraged this within our team by challenging them - Pictionary style - to share a favorite something. Here's where we landed:


BONUS - Combo Task

One final task worth mentioning combined our values LISTEN, LEARN & SERVE. Inspired by the Pitch Perfect Riff Off, the teams had to craft a fav-song lullaby. Each person had to select their top favorite song, then string them together like music ping-pong. And they did this task while tying a blanket as a group. Enjoy!


Published on September 10, 2019

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