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A bank’s greatest asset is a good first impression. Creating an atmosphere that’s professional (yet welcoming) can lead to more clients — and more contracts for your business. 

When your branch is in need of some updating, it’s easy to want to jump ship to a new location altogether. But a remodel can actually be the most cost-effective way to keep your bank’s current clients, while attracting new business from its community. 

Whether you’re looking to do a few cosmetic upgrades or a complete aesthetic overhaul, you’ll want to consider the following elements of bank remodeling before getting started.

Modernize Your Bank’s Aesthetic

A reimagined, attractive exterior can serve as a beacon for local passersby. Fresh roofing, building siding, and windows can elevate your branch’s appearance, making it stand out on its block and invite more business inside. 

If a bank’s exterior draws new prospects in, then its interior appearance encourages them to stay. Updated interior elements including lighting, furniture, flooring, and even greenery can make for a superior customer experience that in turn fosters brand loyalty. 

Just as important as what new design features go into your branch is how those elements are laid out. When you’re not sure exactly how your branch’s limited space can be optimized, consulting with a remodeling expert can be the best solution. 

Upgrade Your Bank’s Technology 

As more consumers gravitate towards managing their finances digitally, it’s important that physical branches provide cutting edge technology to keep up with customer expectations. 

Fortunately, investing in new technologies can increase your branch’s productivity at the same time. With the addition of ATMs, your branch can automate the mundane work typically done by support staff, while freeing lobby space taken by traditional teller windows. 

An appointment check-in kiosk can also help facilitate the traffic of your branch’s lobby.  Allowing customers to sign into their accounts during this check-in process also improves security — and cuts down on appointment times. 

Adding a customer feedback kiosk can help you stay informed on your clients’ experiences, and encourages suggestions for improving your branch. This also arms you with the ability to address specific customer concerns before they turn into larger problems or worse, a loss of business.

Implement Co-Branding with Suitable Businesses

Leasing out space to a complementary small business on your property can do more than just offset your operational costs. When consumers visit an adjacent business, your branch raises its community awareness. This then generates more foot traffic for non-client transactions and encourages conversions.

With the addition of a business like a coffee-shop or newsstand, you can also provide your customers with conveniences that enhance their visit experience. Likewise, a customer visiting that coffee-shop or newsstand may find it convenient to make a transaction at your branch.

As anyone with good business sense knows, small gestures can go a long way in building positive client relationships. So when looking to offer amenities in meetings with clients (especially higher-ticket ones), close access to businesses like these can be especially beneficial for your branch. 

Re-Assess Vehicle Accessibility

With more and more financial business moving to digital platforms every day, it’s more essential than ever for physical banking locations to maximize their accessibility. A big step in making this happen is assessing how vehicle-friendly your branch is.

Drive-up banking is an excellent way to cater to customers looking to make quick transactions. Whether you need to construct your branch’s first drive-thru or augment the setup you already have, thoughtfully managed traffic flow will amplify your branch’s ability to serve its community.

Parking is another critical aspect of making your bank more accessible to its clients.  

If your branch can’t handle a high-volume demand for parking, it may be time to look into adding a multi-leveled garage. Charge ports for electric vehicles can also be a forward-thinking addition to your current parking facility.

Add Square Footage to Boost Your Bottom Line

Sometimes the best way to scale your bank’s business is to physically expand it. In fact, increasing square footage can add significant value to your branch well beyond a more spacious lobby.

For example, the addition of rentable meeting rooms can build your branch’s local following and transform it into a community hub. Adding a second floor of office space to host a local company can also generate a stream of revenue for your branch. Offering that space to a mutually beneficial business like a real estate firm can in turn garner more contracts for you.

Okay, Now You’re Ready

Whatever your bank’s remodeling needs may be, it’s important to find a team that can expertly assess any alteration and execute your vision with the utmost care. With decades of experience in banking architecture, HTG has the power to turn your bank into the financial beacon of your community.

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Published on July 27, 2021

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