My last vlog talked all about a safety feature that can be added to your lobby to protect your employees and your customers or members: clear, protective panels. Today, I want to encourage you to be thinking about a new safety measure that doubles as a potential security concern in the banking world:


As we, and the rest of the world, implement different practices to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, we also create new challenges that need to be solved.

How Do We Bank Safely When Everyone Wears Masks?

In the financial space, masks have historically been associated with safety and security issues. In today's new normal, wearing a mask in public is now the rule rather than the exception. So, how do you address this from a security perspective - to keep your employees and customers safe?

This is definitely a discussion to have with your leadership team, but here are a few starting points I came up with:

  1. Talk with your security vendors - do they have any solutions/ideas to minimize the risks?
  2. Research online what others are doing - both within and outside our industry
  3. When customers enter your building they should be required to remove their masks for a short moment to be recognized. This could/should be done at the main entry. 

Banks and credit unions aren't the only establishments dealing with this concern; so the COVID-19 theme of "We're in This Together" continues to hold true as we all work to make our places of business safe, from a health perspective as well as a security perspective. 

Solutions that Make a Difference

Our team specializes in the planning and design of financial institutions, and we work hard to help our banks and credit unions think of things differently. In today's new normal, this pertains to a host of new topics and concerns. I'll continue these vlogs to keep presenting new ideas and posing topics for thought and discussion; the next few will continue to explore COVID-19 implications and solutions, but eventually I'll also branch out to explore and share more relationship-based banking concepts. So stay tuned: 

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Pflipsen, out. 

Published on May 28, 2020

Topics: Bank Architecture, Bank Architects, VLOG

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