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At HTG, we provide solutions that make a difference. What that means is we bring our experience to the table to help owners take a project from idea to concept to design and through construction. Understanding the owner’s desire to have some direction and assistance in planning for the future and the need for some preliminary information before committing to a specific course of action, we would like to suggest the following sequential InVision process. The InVision process will explore your options for planning and implementing the most appropriate approach for your unique situation.

InVision begins with a Programming Session, which establishes the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ or a wants and needs list for the facility. The Feasibility Study is the conceptual design of the site plan and floor plan to see how the proposed spaces could fit on the proposed site. In other words, the Feasibility Study arranges the pieces of the puzzle into a design that works best for the Ice Arena. This process allows you to answer the question, before you do anything, about whether it is ‘feasible’ to do a design you like on your schedule and within your budget.

InVision Process


The InVision process will guide you through the early planning and conceptual design stages. InVision will let you learn about some of the current industry trends and technologies. With InVision, we will take your ‘vision’ and meld it with our experience and current industry trends to design a facility that will fit your image, culture and, most importantly, your customers and employees' needs.

InVision – Programming Session

1. HTG will meet with you and other representatives whom you feel most appropriate, i.e., Owner, Operations, Management, Concessions, etc., to discuss and establish the program goals and objectives. Over the years, HTG has developed a ‘Master Program,’ which includes many of the possible, typical and non-typical features that can go into a rink. The Programming Session usually lasts 2-3 hours. We have been told by clients who have gone through this process that it is well worth your time.

2. Once a site has been selected, the Ice Arena will provide HTG with any preliminary information you might have, such as any plat maps, surveys, development drawings, etc., that you believe are relevant.

3. HTG will develop the Preliminary Program based on the information collected from the Programming Session. The Program will be used as the ‘road map’ during the Feasibility Study and all future phases.

4. The Programming Phase generally takes one to two weeks to complete and includes one interview meeting. Tom Moorse will be the facilitator for the Programming session. The programming session will be held at your offices. 

InVision – Feasibility Study

1. The Feasibility Study will typically include 2-3 Floor Plan options for your review and approval. The conceptual design drawings are not to be assumed as the final design solution but are meant to provide a general understanding of how the site circulation and the interior space could function.

2. The study will assess the usability of the proposed design with the potential State, Federal and ADA codes and local zoning ordinances.

3. The exterior building assemblies and envelope design will be developed during Phase I. We understand that the design and cost of this building should be economical and designed for low maintenance.

4. The Feasibility Study Phase generally takes two to three weeks to complete and includes one review meeting. We will meet with you to present, review and discuss the proposed design, potential cost and different options and make recommendations.

5. When the InVision process is complete, you will have enough information regarding the Scope of the Project to present to the Broadmoor Curling Club, City and Developer for final project approval. The deliverables include:

  • Written Program
  • Site Plan & Floor Plan Design
  • Exterior Design
  • 2- 3D Exterior Images
  • Cost Estimate
  • Schedule
  • Recommendations

The process for Programming and a Feasibility Study is the same for all projects, no matter what the project size is. Programming is the ‘foundation’ that affects all other phases and every aspect of a project. It cannot be taken too lightly. Because we have completed hundreds of studies similar to yours, we are very confident that our experience and knowledge of the ice arena industry will be a benefit to you and the planning of this project.

InVision – Alternate Additional Services

1. HTG can provide additional 3D Renderings and Animations for the project. These renderings can be very beneficial for the owner and stakeholders to visualize the “final” product.

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Published on November 05, 2018

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