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In life, there are dreamers and doers. The magic happens when you bring these people together to construct the dreams into something tangible.

Anyone can wish for the facility of his or her dreams, but HTG wants to help create that reality. We want to bring the vision to life, and make even your wildest dreams come to fruition.

Here’s how to get started on just that.

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1. Get your team on the same page

Making sure everyone is on the same page will save you time and money in the long run. During the evaluation and concept creation, everyone comes to the table with different ideas—some good, some bad.

“Should we build one, two or three sheets?”

“How much seating do we need?”

“What kind of support spaces do we want or need?”

You need to have open, honest discussions on these points and many, many more from the get-go. If all involved in the project don’t get on the same page early, you will go around and around and the project will never gain traction toward completion.

2. Create a vision

As architects, this is where we really can help. Through our InVision programming process, we help get the ball rolling. After programming we create the vision through drawings, renderings and images to help everyone involved really see the project in all of its glory. Using graphics we can showcase how pieces fit on the site, what different sections can look like, and ultimately what your dream facility will be after completion.

3. Establish a budget and schedule

The top two questions you will inevitably get when showing the initial design to people are:

  1. How much will it cost?
  2. When will it be done?

It’s important to get the budget number correct, right from the start. If people hear $5 million and it’s really going to be an $8 million endeavor, you will have a very hard time regaining their trust. The same goes with the schedule. Be realistic from the start on a timeline. Consult a professional and take advantage of their experience to sort out those details on what a reasonable project timeline might look like.

4. Build community support

Once you have a design, a budget, and a schedule you are ready to go out and build community support. The costs of these facilities can be a hurdle too high to get over. Look for partners in the community that can help cut costs or create revenue. Can you get a site for free (or reduced cost) from partners like the entire city or a local school? Can you lease part of the building to a pro shop or some other type of tenant that can generate revenue? Look for help and support in the community and you will albeit guarantee your facility will be a success.

5. Choose partners with experience

It is extremely important to choose design and construction partners that have experience with rink building. There are plenty of little details that can go wrong without the proper attention or experience. In ice facilities for example, humidity control is a primary concern. You can combat that with proper design and system selection, but those need to work hand in hand. You may have to pay a little more for the experience but it will save you in operating and other costs year after year.

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Published on May 21, 2018

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