What do you want even when you have it all? More.

At Reisterstown Sportsplex located in Reisterstown, Maryland, that problem was a good problem. Offering indoor turf as well as an ice rink, it was quickly apparent to Ken Mills, chief executive with the Baltimore County Revenue Authority, that the surrounding youth and their families were eager to utilize all it had to offer -- and some.

They appreciate the quality of our ice and our commitment to the cause--they just want more ice!” explained Mills.

Here’s what Mills had to say about the current project to add another sheet of ice, as well as where HTG has been able to aid in giving the people what they want: more ice.


HTG Architects: What is your current role with Reisterstown and how long have you been in the rink industry?

Ken Mills: I am the Chief Executive of the Baltimore County Revenue Authority, a quasi-public entity that financed and is responsible for the operations at the Sportsplex. The facility has one ice rink and an indoor turf field for soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and general turf activities. I have been here for nine years.


HTG: How did you hear about HTG?

Mills: We learned about HTG via our third-party rink manager, who saw them at the U.S. Ice Rink Association annual trade show.


HTG: Tell us about the original vision for Reisterstown? How long of a process has it been?

Mills: It’s still not complete. We are just beginning the DD phase of the project. HTG developed a concept plan for the facility, and we have used the plan to promote interest in the project.


HTG: How did HTG's unique InVision approach help you in this process?

Mills: It was a structured approach to the plan where we were able to involve key user groups and stakeholders in the discussion of the program for the building.


HTG: Favorite thing about Reisterstown?

Mills: The possibilities. What we have done so far has helped us focus on the right priorities and discuss the practicalities of achieving an efficient and cost-effective design.


HTG: If you were to fill up an ice sheet(s) with the amount of hot dogs consumed at your concessions, how many ice sheets would you need?

Mills: Not sure. We have to reassess the product offering to increase sales to an appropriate level. COVID-19 shut down our concessions facilities for the past 16 months, so we’re still trying to lure the hot dog eaters back to the fold as they become more comfortable eating indoors.


HTG: Crushed or cubes in your beverage of choice?

Mills: Crushed in my personal preference.


HTG: Best thing about Reisterstown in 10 words or less

Mills: We have a very committed community who want more ice!


HTG: Why would you recommend other facilities to consider HTG for their next recreation project?

Mills: Industry knowledge, architectural expertise, and awareness of the need for cost efficiency.

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Published on July 27, 2021

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