It seems no matter where we go today, you will find “help wanted” signs. Businesses are cutting hours or services because they simply cannot find the staff to serve their customers. The question everyone seems to be asking is: “Where did all the workers go after the pandemic?”

It’s very likely you are facing these same challenges at your rink. There are fewer workers, and more competition. Once you find a good employee, how can you afford to keep them when other businesses might be able to offer more money or benefits?

Customer service is so important in any business — and especially with rinks. People have many choices on how to spend their dollars, and whether its hockey or figure skating — it can be expensive.  Once they are in your rink, you want them to have a great customer service experience. How can you give them everything they want, but do it with less staff?

Good design can help. How? Well, it’s all about experience. If your rink designer knows your business and the intricacies of how a rink truly functions, they will be able to lay out the spaces so you can minimize staff during the slow times, and yet still have the space to staff up for those big events.  You want to be able to adjust staff to just the right level so that you maintain that exceptional customer experience.

For instance — how far apart are your front desk, skate rental and concessions counters?  Can one person efficiently staff these during the slow times? Can one person serve that hot dog while also keeping an eye on your front door? Good design can solve these problems, but it takes someone with experience and knowledge for it to be successful.

Or what if someone needs a pair of skates sharpened before their ice session?  Is the skate sharpener tucked in some back room?  Or is it located so that your staff doesn’t lose eyes on your lobby space for more then a couple seconds.

If you can reduce the number of staff members needed to operate your rink, you will have more dollars to pay and keep your valuable staff.

Published on October 25, 2022

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