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A beautifully designed ice arena is only as good as the participation and use it attracts. And one of the best ways to build loyal, life-long customers is by offering programs that encourage the youth to use, try, and enjoy your facility. We put together this infographic with a variety of program ideas for you to consider if you're looking for ways to grow your audience or usage of your ice or facility. Check it out:

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#1: Hockey

First on our list is hockey. Like all sports, kids need an opportunity to try hockey to see if it is a sport they enjoy. And, as a bonus for you, the growth of hockey is continuing to increase (rather than decline, like many other sports). If you are the arena that offers this type of opportunity, you position yourself to attract many young athletes, who could grow into dedicated hockey players, using your ice throughout their experience. 

#2: Figure Skating

Figure skating also continues to grow in popularity, and is a fairly easy program to offer or accommodate.  According to US Figure Skating, 38% of the total female skating membership, and 20% for males are ages 0-12. Creating an enjoyable, educational program for youth figure skaters can instill a lifelong long love for the sport, once again developing loyal customers to your facility. 

#3: Open Skate

A cost effective, welcoming open skate program is a great forum for kids to get on the ice and begin to explore all the options it presents. This type of program is a great way to fill your ice in off-peak times. Plus, your options are only limited by your creativity in attracting and welcoming new groups to your facility. Field trips, birthday parties, holiday-themed activities, family outings, and more can bring in a wide variety of groups and people to fill your ice and give you the opportunity to develop new customers. 

Beyond the ice, there are lots of ways to entertain and serve customers in your space. When we design ice arenas and recreation centers, we discuss in detail what these opportunities could be and then make sure you have the space needed to create a memorable experience for customers of all ages and interests. Fitness rooms, event rooms, arcades, courts, personal training, and more - whatever your community desires and you want to provide, we can create the space to make it possible. 

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Published on November 25, 2019

Topics: Ice Arena Architecture, Rink Design, Community