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I love to talk with people that are excited about starting a new rink project. It is so fun to learn what is driving the project and typically there is a passion around hockey, figure skating, or youth sports in general. But in most cases, the people with the passion for more ice have little knowledge on how to make that dream a reality. There are so many questions that need to be answered like, “what will it look like?" "What will it cost?” Or, "how do I even get started?"

If you are asking these questions, there is good news - you're in the right place to have them answered! We created InVision, a planning process specifically to help folks just like you get started and answer the long list of questions building in your mind.


InVision in a Nutshell

InVision begins with a Programming Session, which establishes the pieces of the puzzle; or, in other words, the wants-and-needs-list for your dream ice rink. The second phase of this process is the Feasibility Study. This is the conceptual design of the site plan and floor plan built from your wants-and-needs-list. It helps us all see how the proposed spaces could fit on the proposed site. In other words, the Feasibility Study arranges the pieces of the puzzle into a design that works best for the client.

This process allows you to answer a very important question before you go any further in your project: is it feasible to do the design you like, on your schedule and within your budget?


Why InVision Works: A Deeper Dive

We have worked for many years talking with rink owners and operators from around the country. We've built relationships with some of the best vendors in the industry.

What’s Our InVision Infog_proof7

Through this, we collected the combined knowledge of all these folks and incorporated that information into the Program document we complete in the first phase of InVision. It walks you through all the elements that could be in your new building. We start by asking you a lot of questions about your vision for the new rink. As we talk, we share our expertise by telling you about best practices we have seen, or unique features you may want to add to your rink. Together we InVision your new facility and all it might entail.

Once we have the written Program the real excitement starts! The Feasibility Study takes everything we discussed and starts to lay it out in a design specifically developed for you and your unique situation. We start with your site and analyze traffic flow, parking, visibility, and many other factors that drive the placement of the building. From there we start to layout the interior – rinks, locker rooms, lobby, equipment, etc. We imagine what your visitors will experience, how your employees will function in the space, and how the skaters will use the building.

20191119 View 1_small Reisterstown Sportsplex Interior 1_11-4-19
Exterior Arena Conceptual Design Interior Rink Conceptual Design

Typically, we will come up with multiple design options and present to you for review. Together we talk through the options and determine the best layout for your new rink. With a finalized layout, we can prepare a preliminary budget and an overall schedule.

Design + Budget + Schedule. Now you have the basic information needed to move to the second step in turning your project into reality: fundraising and municipal approvals. 

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Published on April 22, 2021

Topics: Ice Arena Architecture, Rink Design, Recreation, Indoor Sports Complex

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