We love helping our clients achieve their dreams, and we’re proud to share a new project we’re working on: The Folsom Ranch Sports Project.

Located in northern California, The Folsom Ranch Sports Project is a new multi-sport recreational facility that will change the game for athletes across the region. 

The facility will sit upon 18.3 acres in Folsom Ranch, and will primarily cater to the growing popularity of sports like ice hockey, figure skating, curling, public skating, and other ice-based activities. There will also be a 90,000 square-foot covered turf field, which will accommodate sports and events, including lacrosse, rugby, hockey, baseball, softball, pickleball, live music, and more. 

The Folsom Ranch Sports Project is anticipated to host more than 1.3 million guests per year, which will help to generate an estimated $22 million in economic activity annually for the City of Folsom. It will also create the equivalent of approximately 449 full-time jobs, generate $888,000 in annual tax revenue, and fill a gap not otherwise served in the region. 

Growing the game

HTG is honored to help create a facility that will support the growing demand of ice hockey, figure skating and other sports in the region. 

Hockey is continuing to grow in California — with participation up 21 percent in the last five years. Thanks to the availability of countless recreational, competitive and adaptive activities, the facility is poised to accommodate athletes of all ages and abilities. 

Folsom’s family-friendly environment makes it the ideal location for this new facility. According to research from a leading sports economist, residents within a 30-minute drive from the Folsom region can support the need for more than six sheets of ice. 

Visit FolsomRanchSports.com to learn more.

Published on October 25, 2022

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