There are many components that go into selecting the right architect for your project – here are 8 that provide a great starting point.

1. The architect will listen to the expressed needs of the client.  The client’s priority should be the architect’s priority.

2. The architect understands the clients business and the impact the design has in supporting their business.

3. The architect has the right experience – meaning they have in-depth experience with your project’s size & complexity.

4. The architect is able to design within the allocated budget.

5. The architect has the ability to meet the client’s schedule.

6. The architect leading the team is hands-on throughout.  You don’t want a bait and switch where you end up training the intern.

7. The architect’s fee is competitively priced based on the value provided to the client.  Do the services they are offering match up with your needs.

8. The architect is well connected with the vendor’s in the industry.  Do they know the refrigeration folks and the equipment suppliers?

Published on February 27, 2018

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