For many people, the construction of an ice arena is a once in a lifetime event. So, when you set out to create this new rink you want to make sure, like that wedding dress or tux, it fits you perfectly. Here are five great reasons to design a custom ice arena, and why you should partner with an experienced architect to do so:


1. Better Quality

Just like a tailor selects only quality materials that will last a lifetime, so too does an experienced architect. An ice arena can take a real beating – I know, my son was a hockey player. Nothing is off limits for stick handling practice! By choosing the right materials you can make your rink look like new again by simply removing some marks or putting on a new coat of paint. You don’t want to use the wrong material and see walls turned into Swiss cheese because someone punched it or shot a puck through it.


2. Better Fit

A custom fit means just that. Every aspect of your rink will be designed and detailed to fit your specific needs. How many skates do we need to accommodate for your skate rental program? How many locker rooms do you need, and what size should they be? We start every project by spending a day doing a programming session. Here we ask a lot of questions about all the details that go into a rink. We blend our experience with your vision and together we create something that is truly custom designed to fit your needs, your budget, and your schedule.



3. Better Design

Tailors know the latest trends and materials. In an ice arena you want the same. Your rink should be a blend of cutting-edge technology and time-tested design. Better design means a better experience for your customers, which keeps them coming back. Here we think about and anticipate the flow of your rink – how do people move through it? Is it easy for folks to navigate or do you need a ton of signs to direct people?


4. Better Value

Ice arenas, like high-end, tailor-made clothing, are expensive. To make the most of your money, a custom design will maximize the value of your investment. One thing we talk to clients about throughout the design phase is initial cost vs. on-going costs. What this means is you may choose less expensive materials or mechanical systems so that you can stay within your construction budget. But those decisions could impact maintenance and repair costs.

Also, investments in sustainable strategies have a higher initial investment cost – but over time they can pay for themselves. So, as we go through our design phases, we are always looking at value and return on investment (ROI) as we assess costs.


5. Better Equipment

Do you believe that “one size fits all”? Well, that may be true in some cases – but when you are talking about mechanical systems or ice making equipment for your ice arena – one size does not fit all.


We have a whole team of experts that work together to select the best equipment for your rink. Our mechanical engineers are talking with the refrigeration folks; they take into consideration the location of your rink, the temperature range, humidity levels, and more. Once they have those calculations, they can select the right equipment. That’s important because you don’t want under-sized equipment that has to work too hard and could burn up; and, you don’t want over-sized equipment that is being underutilized for the energy its consuming.

We have a concept called “Rink in a Box”, and it's intended to be a starting point for discussions with clients. It's like taking the raw suit off the rack and handing it to a tailor to do their magic. We are here if you’d like to start a discussion, and we are happy to custom tailor a design to fit your needs.

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Published on March 30, 2021

Topics: Ice Arena Architecture, Rink Design, Recreation

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