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InVision is the part of our process where Consulting and Programming and Feasibility Studies take place. The InVision process typically guides you through the early planning and conceptual design stages and will allow you to learn about current industry trends and technologies. With InVision, we will take your vision and meld it with our experience and knowledge of current industry trends to design a facility that will fit your image, culture and most importantly, your clients’ needs.

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InVision starts with Programming, which is all about establishing a list of wants and needs for the final project. Next, the Feasibility Study develops the conceptual design to see how the programmed spaces will fit within the context of the proposed site or building. This process allows you to answer questions about whether it is feasible to do the design you like in your schedule and within your budget before moving forward with the architectural and engineering drawings phase. When the project calls for it, InVision also encompasses Site Selection Studies as well as Site and Building Assessments. We’ve been successfully following the InVision process for decades, and we are very confident our approach will work for any project type. Learn more about InVision.

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Published on February 20, 2020

Topics: HTG Architects, Ice Arena Architecture, Rink Design, Culture, Community

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