A World-Class Event and Entertainment Center Planned for Savage (MN)

We are thrilled to be part of the team bringing The Crossings™, an event and entertainment center to the Savage community. In the beginning, to help define the details of this facility and determine if it was feasible for the proposed site, budget, timeline, and community, Copper Creek engaged us for our InVision Consulting Services

We listened to their vision for the space, shared our industry knowledge, asked insightful questions for better clarity and understanding, and offered recommendations based on our experience with entertainment, ice arena, and recreation facility architecture. Based on this information, we drafted and presented multiple conceptual designs for their consideration. 

The owner selected a two-story design complete with a six-sheet curling facility, two curling locker rooms, offices, one game room, two meeting rooms, one large event space, and a full bar/restaurant that flows into the curling rink. Based on their chosen design, we created a site plan and 3d exterior renderings.

This entertainment/recreation facility design will continue to evolve and strengthen as the designs and blueprints are shared and presented to additional stakeholders. The end goal is to bring The Crossings™ to life, creating a vibrant and fun destination for the Savage community to gather, eat, curl, and grow. 

Read the press release below for more detail about the plans for this facility and design visuals for The Crossings™. 

The Crossings™

Local developer and builder, Greg Schweich, president of Copper Creek, plans to transform the old 12 acre Loftus farmstead in the center of Savage into a 100,000 SF modern multi-purpose campus featuring professional/medical office buildings, a world-class curling center, event and entertainment center, with protected and enhanced wetlands, integrated pathways and green space.

It is The Crossings™, a 55,400 SF two-story event center that generates the greatest interest. It includes a six sheets curling center, multi themed restaurant, banquet hall, and space reserved for adult play and entertainment. It is planned to open as early as SEP 2020.

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Six Sheets Curling Center™

The curling center, titled Six Sheets Curling Center™ (SSCC), is tapping into the popularity of the fastest growing winter sport in America and is expected to pull guests from across the Twin Cities area and well beyond.

Curling appeals to people of all ages, skill levels, and physical abilities. There are more curling clubs in Minnesota than any other state and the Twin Cities is the epicenter of USA curling. As recently as 2010, the venerable St. Paul Curling Club was the only one operating in the Twin Cities. As of 2019 there are eight, including the first two clubs in the nation to stay open year-round.

SSCC was designed in collaboration with industry experts and leaders from across the county. It is being described as spectacular, first of its kind, and world-class. It will become our country’s largest dedicated year round curling facility. National and world competitions will be held here.

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Restaurant & Recreation

The Crossings features a multi themed restaurant with recreation amenities. Guests will appreciate the myriad of options via the food hall concept which transcends trendiness. They can choose either open seating viewing SSCC or enjoy the greater privacy and comforts of full service. During Minnesota’s warmer months guests will enjoy the spacious outdoor patio overlooking the newly created wetlands and spouting water fountain.

For those seeking greater activity there are pathways that meander across the 12 acre campus. Inside on the lower level there will be axe throwing, table shuffleboard, and other recreation.

The second floor is dedicated to adults 21 years and older. Its inside floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide an unobstructed viewing of SSCC below.

A spacious 6,000 SF event center will host private parties, corporate events, and live entertainment. It will comfortably seat 250 people and offers a private seasonal patio overlooking Copper Creek Crossings. The west view and setting sunset is an added bonus.

There is nearly 5,500 SF of space created for adults wanting to celebrate special friendships or create new ones. On either end, floor-to-ceiling theater style TVs broadcast the day’s big game, playoff series, or other must see major event. To create a more personal setting, the big screens when retracted reveal a fireplace. These areas can be also closed off for private parties or business meetings.

In the middle of the room there will be generously sized bar, billiard table, bocce ball court, and dartboards hanging along the east wall. You will also find table with checkerboard patterns for games of chess or checkers, and other tables for playing cards or other games of choice.

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An Investment in the Community

Schweich is creating The Crossings because the level of pent-up demand for an appropriately sized and appointed arena in Savage and Scott County is substantial and sufficient for development.

Some may wonder why we have not proposed a grander scale for The Crossings given the identification of significant pent-up demand. Part of the explanation lies in the nature of existing competitive forces in the Scott County area, specifically Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community and Canterbury Park. They are better suited for mid-to-large size events.

Another reason is that data and stakeholder reviews reveal that size of the facility is not as important as is the facility’s adaptability to various users. Incremental construction dollars are better invested in facility flexibility than in increased size and scale. Flexibility is a hallmark of the The Crossings.

Schweich comments,

“Copper Creek Crossings was inspired by its location and surroundings, and by the culture and spirit of the community. By having a holistic view of the city’s vision and context, and adding creativity and innovation, it address the complex challenges of today and provide for the needs of tomorrow.”


He adds, “My approach toward this development is to celebrate our passion and commitment to Savage, Prior Lake, and Credit River Area, with its design creating a sense of spectacle. We understand, what we do here will forever change the landscape and shape how Savage will be viewed and accepted.”

To learn more about Copper Creek Crossings, visit: www.CopperCreekCrossings.net.

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Published on December 5, 2019 by HTG Architects