Celebrating 60 Years as Commercial Architects

A lot has happened in our 60 years - so this year we celebrated all those accomplishments, milestones, and memories! We've had the privilege of working on amazing projects, and building some of the best partnerships and friendships along the way. And it's funny, after  spending time looking back and being grateful for the opportunities we've been given, how excited we are for the next 60 years! Cheers to all of those who have been part of our story; thanks for making it possible and fun for us to do what we do. Enjoy our story as we look back in time, and recap our celebration. 

The Last 60 Years

Looking back at the early years - and the biggest evolution's in our name, locations, and leaders - had us laughing, learning, and reminiscing about the 'good old days'. 

60 Year Timeline_Social Post

Our name, HTG Architects, originates with the original founder and leaders of our team:

  • Gene Hickey
  • Jon Thorstensen
  • Jim Grover

Next, we took some time to compare life in 1959 to life today, in 2019. Not only have there been major changes in our economy and lifestyle, but the way architecture is done today is drastically different than the drafting tables and scales of the early years. Software, computers, and other technology are our primary tools (though we still advocate the value of a pencil and hand-drawn sketches).  

60th - 1959 Timeline

60th - 2019 Timeline

HTG Today

Built on the same values and principles, we continue to serve our clients with solutions that make a difference. Today we do that all across the United States, with teams located in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Florida. Learn more about us, here.

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With a focus in the financial, recreation, and commercial industries, we offer advanced value in our understanding of each industry and their operations. Additionally, we have experience designing hundreds or thousands of custom financial, rec., and commercial facilities. 

Our 60th Celebration

To toast our past, present, and future, we invited our families, partners, and local MN clients to join us at a backyard celebration. Here are some of the highlights:

Connection & Conversation

It was great to spend a night enjoying one another's company. We left our work at our desks and caught up on all things non-project related. 


Music, Magic, & More

With live music and a magician as entertainment, we enjoyed some slight of hand and acoustic tunes as guests stopped in throughout the evening. 



Pie-ing Our Partners

And, because no party is complete without some friendly competition and pie-throwing, we asked guests to vote for which partners to pie in the face. And, at the end of the night, the winners got a face full of whip cream and cupcakes. 


We are so thankful to everyone who has helped us celebrate our 60 years as commercial architects. As they say, some days seem long, but the years are short - so we're doing our best to enjoy all the moments along the way. Cheers to the next 60 years!

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Published on November 15, 2019 by Dan Schaff