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As you’ll see below, we have the capabilities and the experience to handle every phase of your project. When you partner with HTG Architects, it’s clear our process is more than simply designing your building or space. Our history includes thousands of projects spread out over six decades. And we bring the sum of our experience and expertise to every project.

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Planning & Research


EvoProcess is our proprietary method of planning, designing and coordinating projects. It’s a process of research and planning that’s always happening, and it’s always evolving too. Staying up-to-date on the research, findings and trends in the industries we serve is an essential component of our process. By investing our time and energy into ongoing, industry-specific education, we remain poised and ready to provide clients with solutions that make a difference. In fact, we’ve adapted EvoProcess to be even more specific to the primary industries we serve: EvoBank® for Financial projects, EvoSport for Recreation projects and EvoComm for Commercial projects.

With EvoProcess, we’re able to take some of the pressure off of our clients. They’re not expected to have all of the answers about what’s going on in their respective industry, that's our job. Instead, our clients are asked to bring what they know best to the table: their business, their story, their culture. These elements are the irrefutable reasons why your customers choose to do business with you.

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Programming and Feasibility Studies


InVision is the part of our process where Consulting and Programming and Feasibility Studies take place. The InVision process typically guides you through the early planning and conceptual design stages and will allow you to learn about current industry trends and technologies. With InVision, we will take your vision and meld it with our experience and knowledge of current industry trends to design a facility that will fit your image, culture and most importantly, your clients’ needs.

InVision starts with Programming, which is all about establishing a list of wants and needs for the final project. Next, the Feasibility Study develops the conceptual design to see how the programmed spaces will fit within the context of the proposed site or building. This process allows you to answer questions about whether it is feasible to do the design you like in your schedule and within your budget before moving forward with the architectural and engineering drawings phase. When the project calls for it, InVision also encompasses Site Selection Studies as well as Site and Building Assessments. We’ve been successfully following the InVision process for decades, and we are very confident our approach will work for any project type.

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After InVision is completed, the project’s scope is defined and the client is ready to proceed, we move into Architecture and Engineering. During this phase, we provide our clients with a detailed Architecture and Engineering Proposal that’s based on the approved Scope of the Project.

We provide Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design for our clients. We can also provide Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Along with the standard Architecture and Engineering services, HTG also provides Project Management and Vendor Coordination.

Project Management: coordination of site surveys, soil borings, phase I and II environmental reports, city and general contractor coordination, etc. Vendor Coordination: coordinating equipment, signage, furniture, merchandising displays, computers, telephones, artwork, blinds, etc. We will work with you to determine which of the above services are needed for your project.

Once A & E construction documents are completed they will be used by the contractors for bidding, permitting and construction. HTG will provide Construction Administration during construction and will be your ‘eyes and ears’ during construction.

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