Architectural Services

At HTG Architects, we provide architectural services customized to your industry, and we go beyond architecture and design for our clients. We incorporate numerous areas into our project coordination, all with the goal of reducing any stress and pressure on our clients and creating a structure that works best for them. Whether clients work with us on New Construction, Remodeling or Tenant Improvement projects, we will meld your vision to our expertise to execute the best project for you.

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New Construction

New construction projects require in-depth planning, design and coordination. We place special attention on site selection, along with market and demographic information, to ensure new construction projects start off right. We’re known throughout the industry providing high-quality facilities that will reduce maintenance and operational costs over the building’s lifetime.

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Remodeling projects come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it’s just time for a facelift, or a building is needing to be brought up to code. Other times, owners are looking to create a more efficient space. Remodeling an existing building is a vital segment of our architectural services. Similar to new building projects, the effort and attention to detail used during a remodel significantly impacts the lifetime value of a building or facility.

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Tenant Improvement

Tenant improvement projects have proven to be a cost-effective approach for clients to have a new space or location designed to fit their needs. Within tenant spaces, you still have opportunities to change the space to better suit your needs while remaining compliant with your tenant agreement. Even small decisions or changes can have a large impact during the time you hold the space.

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