Architectural Consulting

Our architectural consulting process, InVision, is multi-faceted. The InVision process is our way of coming together with our clients to uncover, organize and prioritize the many components of your organization. It’s nearly 60 years in the making, and we continue to hone our approach over time.

While it originated as a way to better serve our financial clients, InVision has grown to be a vital phase in our work with clients from all areas of industry. InVision embodies the collective experience of HTG Architects, draws upon the inherent knowledge our clients hold and guides our design teams to provide solutions that make a difference.

As effective as our InVision process is, it challenges our clients to think differently and it's quite a bit of fun for them. It draws out the additional details and helps them realize the full vision of what their project can and will be. As we guide our clients through the InVision Process, it’s great to see those pressure points replaced with ease.


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InVision is Planning

InVision is composed of three distinct processes: Programming and Feasibility Studies, Site Selection Studies and Site and Building Assessments. As the primary components of our InVision process, one or more of these services might be required for your project.

During InVision, Programming and Feasibility Study, we work with our clients to uncover a detailed picture of their project. It’s our way of deciding on all the “pieces of the puzzle” that eventually go into the project and determining how they will all work with each other.

For InVision, Site Selection Studies, we employ our 9-point mathematical model to determine which sites will perform, and equally as important, which sites will not be good for financial institutions. The 9-point model uses statistical data over the last 40 years, similar to what major retail chains use.

InVision, Site and Building Assessments encompasses a complete assessment of any possible site or building. Before you purchase any site or existing building, let HTG complete an assessment to determine if it’s right for you. 

Upon completion of InVision, we take everything we’ve gathered up until this point to define the Scope of the Project, which includes the conceptual design, a schedule and a budget. Then, our clients can take those deliverables to their Board of Directors or other key stakeholders to get any final approvals they may need before taking their project to the next phase: Architecture and Engineering.

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