New Construction

Architectural Design for New Construction

For new construction projects, our clients rely on us to provide complete Architecture and Engineering services, and we do just that. Depending on when we start (sooner is always better) we will work with our clients on each and every detail, including site selection, real estate and purchasing agreement support, site survey, soil borings and city processes, to name a few.

We have completed thousands of new construction projects in our history within the financial, recreational and commercial industries. Completed projects include banks, credit unions, ice arenas, sports domes, office buildings, retail spaces, medical offices, coffee shops, restaurants, government buildings and more.

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One of our growing specializations is designing Co-Branding spaces within a financial institution that could occur for new construction, remodeling and tenant improvements. Co-branding projects are intentionally designed to have various businesses sharing space and functioning together to create brand awareness for visitors. Co-branding is a modern and innovative way to draw non-customer traffic into your bank or credit union. We have a few co-branding success stories to our name, and it’s something we’d love to help more clients achieve. We believe co-branding is the future of banking.

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