Affordable Ice Arena Design

For some ice arena projects - like the NHL and even some college rinks - budget doesn’t seem to be a primary concern. But for most, ice arena design needs to be done with budget in mind. As experienced rink and recreation architects, we know a few tools and tricks of the trade that can help minimize or offset costs while still getting you the ice arena you’ve been dreaming and planning.

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How Much Does it Cost to Build an Ice Arena?

As you might expect, the answer largely depends on the size and scope of your project. However, most standard arenas start at $8 million to $10 million (includes one sheet of ice, seating for around 200, and the prep, maintenance, and gathering space needed to support its operation). With that being said, there is a lot that can be done to impact that price point. Seemingly simple changes like increasing the seating quantity can make a big difference; and then of course adding a second sheet of ice or other amenities can impact costs (but also revenue).

If those costs cause your project to stall, which is common in hometown rink projects, then our Rink in a Box design may be a good fit. It’s a templated ice rink design that includes cost savings and efficiencies in order to keep your budget under $6 million.

Other Considerations

There’s a delicate balance between costs and revenue opportunity that needs to be found in every ice arena design. Some upgrades, that may be more costly at the time of construction, can provide operational savings throughout the life of your rink, i.e. energy efficient equipment. Other features and enhancements can provide additional revenue generating opportunities that bring new people into your rink, or current customers back in more frequently - like a turf field, party room, or restaurant. We can help you strike this balance to design an ice rink that makes the most of your budget and optimizes your revenue potential.

Rink Funding Resources

Our experience designing ice arenas, paired with trusted vendor partners make it possible to build an ice rink cost-efficiently. But, we understand that money still needs to come from somewhere, and it is generally one of the primary hurdles for those building a rink. Being part of so many rink projects over the years has exposed us to a lot of different and creative ways to get financing. So, in addition to a lot of ideas and examples, we also have resources available to help you get the financing needed to bring your ice rink to life.

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