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Founded in 1959 by Gene Hickey, his first project was a bank in Minnesota. Since then, HTG Architects has specialized in the design and planning of financial institutions.

With experience from thousands of financial institution projects, we bring an unmatched level of expertise to financial building design. EvoBank® (the evolving-bank process), our registered process of research and planning, is geared specifically toward the financial industry.

Our process is smooth, uncomplicated, well-informed and fun. We focus on your brand, your story and your culture. After all, that’s the real reason why your customers choose to do business with you. We are financial industry architects who listen first and provide feedback second. From Site Selection and Programming and Feasibility Studies through Architecture and Engineering and the final ribbon cutting, we will listen, serve, coordinate and execute. You have a business to run; our process takes the pressure off.

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We have decades of experience in bank architecture, and we confidently guide our clients through every step of the process. HTG maintains unmatched expertise in the financial industry and how it relates to design and architecture. Whether you’re looking at constructing a new bank, remodeling an existing bank or a tenant improvement, HTG has the experience and expertise to ensure your next bank project starts and ends on the right foot. We combine our knowledge of the financial industry and our expertise gained through completing thousands of financial projects with your vision and your goals to develop a bank that exceeds expectations.

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Credit Union

Credit Unions

Like banks, credit unions fall under the umbrella of financial institutions. And in our experience, many of the same variables impacting banks also impact credit unions, but there are key differences between how these two types of financial institutions operate. With decades of experience in both bank design and credit union design, we’re well-versed in the key differences between the two, and we account for those differences in our project work.

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