How to Start a Bank

Are You Looking to Start a Bank?

Starting a financial project is a process we’ve guided countless clients through. And it’s just as relevant and realistic a venture today as it has been in the past, for both new and existing organizations. One of the most important decisions that goes into starting a bank project is its location. As an architecture firm with thousands of financial projects under our belt, we are experts at choosing successful bank locations.

When clients come to us wanting to start a bank project, they’re not expected to know everything there is to know about their financial industry. That’s our job. With EvoBank® (the evolving-bank process), we maintain industry expertise within the financial industry. Our knowledge base goes far beyond architecture, also focusing on emerging trends, technology and larger themes throughout the industry. We ask that our clients bring their vision, their business goals and initiatives and their culture details to meld with our industry expertise during the InVision phase.

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Bank Architecture and InVision

Long before anything goes into design or concepts, we take stock of the project through our InVision process. During InVision, Programming and Feasibility Study, we uncover a complete picture of your project. Here, we determine all the “pieces of the puzzle” that will go into your financial project and determine how they will all work with each other.

Site selection is critical to the success of a bank or credit union. During InVision, Site Selection Studies, we use a 9-point mathematical model to determine the best site for your financial project. For banks and credit unions, location truly is everything.

Finally, InVision, Site and Building Assessments includes a complete assessment of the selected site and/or existing building. At the end of InVision, we provide our clients with a project scope complete with a conceptual design, schedule and budget. Often times, our financial clients share how much our InVision process helped bring their project idea to life.


One of our growing specializations is designing Co-Branding spaces within a financial institution that could occur for new construction, remodeling and tenant improvements. Co-branding projects are intentionally designed to have various businesses sharing space and functioning together to create brand awareness for visitors. Co-branding is a modern and innovative way to draw non-customer traffic into your bank or credit union. We have a few co-branding success stories to our name, and it’s something we’d love to help more clients achieve. We believe co-branding is the future of banking.

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