Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement Services

Improving a space based on the needs of the tenant is an architectural service we’re proud to offer. When you occupy a tenant space, there will be some things you can change and some you cannot, depending on the landlord’s requirements. We work with our clients to design their space that enables their business to run more efficiently while staying within the parameters of their landlord’s agreement. Tenant improvements come in many sizes and focuses on adapting a space to fit larger themes like branding needs of a new tenant or a brand-new strategy for how a tenant can use a space.

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Tenant Improvement Experience

Over the years, we’ve worked with countless clients on Tenant Improvement projects. Our tenant improvement experience includes banks, credit unions, retail spaces, medical practices, restaurants and more. If you’re searching for a tenant space or choosing between different square footage options for your tenant space but are unsure where or how many square feet you will need, HTG can lead you through the process by using our InVision Services.