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Successful builds don’t start when the foundation is poured — they start at the drawing board. 

InVision is our unique discovery process that uncovers, organizes and prioritizes all components of your project before shovels break ground. So when it comes time to build, you’re prepared.

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We have used HTG for both a remodeling project and our new building in Lakeville. In both cases, the comprehensive approach proved extremely valuable. While working with HTG's team, it became evident that their experience with and knowledge of the industry meant the spaces were designed to function as banks. We were also pleased with the consultative approach - involving staff and other team members in the planning process. I am thrilled with both projects and would absolutely recommend HTG to others.

Lou Geistfeld, President, Citizens Bank Minnesota

Kendall Commercial

In the fast-paced world of commercial real estate, quick turnaround is a vital component to securing the deal in many negotiations. HTG Architects has provided Kendall Commercial and its clients this type of service for many properties or projects for almost 10 years. Whether it be basic leasing plans or fully developed tenant improvement documents for bidding and permit submission, HTG Architects’ attention to detail stems from active listening and learning what the tenant desires in their project. Exemplary customer service and fast turnaround of documents has made them a valued partner for Kendall Commercial and its clients. Project types Kendall Commercial and HTG Architects have partnered on include Office / Warehouse, Multi-Tenant Retail / Restaurant / Office, Multi-Story Office, Industrial, Financial and Recreational projects or tenants.

Tom Kendall, President, Kendall Commercial

Stanley Wencl

As a General Contractor, our firm’s diversification includes Design-Build, General Contracting, Renovation / Restoration, Tenant Build-Out, Construction Development Services and Facility Maintenance and Repair. Due to our interaction on General Contracting projects for shared clients, we identified HTG Architects to be a valued partner for our Design Build project team. HTG Architects’ attention to detail and understanding of the construction process is paramount to providing our clients a quality finished project that is well thought out while keeping project budget and costs controlled as a team.

Dan Stanley, President, Stanley & Wencl Construction and Facility Services, LLC

Hometown Bank

With banking transactions reducing over time, we at HomeTown Bank needed to generate additional foot traffic in our lobby. During our all-day programming session, HTG Architects educated us on the concept of Co-Branding, which is partnering with another retail establishment to create a single destination for the two retail businesses. The pairing of a local coffee shop, Mocha Monkey, was discussed in great detail and we thought it would be a good fit for us. The basic concept was to design a coffee shop, with a bank wrapped around it. It is hard to tell where the coffee shop stops and where the bank starts. At any given time throughout the day, I see 10 to 12 people sitting in the shared waiting space. Coffee customers are exposed to the bank employees and the bank customers are able to get a great cup of coffee. This union of HomeTown Bank and Mocha Monkey has more than exceeded our expectations and allowed us to hit our revenue goals.

Michael L. Orth, Vice President, HomeTown Bank

South Point Credit Union

The growth of our back of house business lines had been steadily growing over the past few years, and we were no longer able to house all of our administrative staff in one location. For the short term, we leased an office space to house a portion of our administrative staff, and then, dispersed the remaining staff members in our retail branches where we had space available. This created inefficiencies and disconnects between departments. We engaged HTG Architects to help us resolve these inefficiencies and guide us to better plan for the future. Using their InVision process of programming and feasibility, we were able to establish the necessary deliverables to present to our board members. These deliverables included space requirements, design layout, cost estimate and project schedule which were critical for making a sound decision.

Dick Nesvold, CEO, SouthPoint Federal Credit Union


One of our goals with our new main facility project in Cold Spring, Minnesota was to become more efficient with staffing and serving our customers. Our old facility utilized traditional teller stations, and the drive-up area was disconnected from the teller area. To make sure that we did not repeat these same issues at our new facility, HTG made it a point to discuss these items in great detail during our programming session. HTG’s knowledge of the financial industry allowed them to expose us to the latest banking trends and technologies. Once our vision was understood, HTG was able to transform those ideas into a working plan. The removal of the teller line barrier and the introduction of the concierge station, along with positioning the drive-up directly behind the transaction area, has allowed us to still provide great customer service while operating with less staff.

Gerald Reiter, President, Granite Community Bank

South Metro Credit Union

We are extremely pleased with our new branch in Shakopee in the Southbridge Crossings development. We believe the key to its success started very early on with HTG's EVOBANK programming and visioning session. During that time we discussed what makes us unique, and after integrating the strategic plan from our board, we planned what we believe a Credit Union should be. This fundamental paradigm shift of a long-term time horizon view resulted in designing a building prior to any drawings. HTG led us through the “InVision” phase where we focused on the outcomes of the member experience we wanted to create. These discussions detailed the nuances of the project from brand presentation and continuity, to the integration of technology and expected outcomes from the member experience. That opportunity to focus allowed us to set a standard in our vision and set the parameters for a consistent member experience. The branch is extremely tech friendly, allowing staff to focus on "the relationship" as the trusted advisor to membership. We now have the continuity of brand presentation we can replicate in our future expansions. Our thanks to the HTG team in assisting us in setting the foundation for the future. We have more than a building, but an integrated brand to face forward for the future common good of our membership.

B. Don Crofut, President, South Metro Federal Credit Union

Ice In Paradise

Our Ice in Paradise Arena is a great facility that brings all kinds of people of different ages together for some exercise, learning and fun. Our brand new facility features not only hockey and figure skating, but a skating school, public skating, restaurant, patio and parties as well. We looked to HTG Architects and their ice arena expertise to help us create a state of the art 2 rink facility in Goleta, California. The design maximizes the use of our tight site. The HTG team listened to our ideas and goals and made them into a reality, making Ice in Paradise a great place to skate!

Jack Norqual, Campaign Chairman, Ice in Paradise

WNB Financial

From the beginning to end of our building project in Altoona, we thoroughly enjoyed working with the teams from HTG Architects, Hoeft Builders, and Case Financial. All three are experts in their respective fields and ultimately delivered their parts of the project on time. Communication was outstanding – not only between HTG, Hoeft, and Case as they worked together, but they each provided our team with timely progress reports so we always knew where we were at in the timeline. Construction projects are rarely completed without an occasional problem or issue, and no matter what came our way, the teams always found a solution and truly made it a stress-free process for us.

Dave Vaselaar, Executive VP & COO


Working with the HTG team was a wonderful experience. As a marketing executive without much experience with what it truly takes to design and build a branch, Russ, our project manager with HTG Architects, was extremely patient with my many questions. Our results speak for themselves – both Woodbury and Roseville are performing well, and the awards for design and construction have been piling up. I’m looking forward to our next partnership!

Tara Graff, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

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