Architecture & Engineering

Architecture and Engineering Services 

After InVision is completed, the project’s scope is defined and the client is ready to proceed, we move into Architecture and Engineering. During this phase, we provide our clients with a detailed Architecture and Engineering Proposal that’s based on the approved Scope of the Project.

HTG provides Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Design for our clients. We can also provide Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Along with the standard Architecture and Engineering services, HTG also provides Project Management and Vendor Coordination.

Project Management: coordination of site surveys, soil borings, Phase I and II environmental reports, city and general contractor coordination, etc. Vendor Coordination: coordinating equipment, signage, furniture, merchandising displays, computers, telephones, artwork, blinds, etc. We will work with you to determine which of the above services are needed for your project.

Once the Architecture and Engineering construction documents are completed they will be used by the contractors for bidding, permitting and construction. HTG will provide Construction Administration during construction and will be your ‘eyes and ears’ during construction.

Architecture & Engineering
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Architecture and Engineering Continued

In addition to Project Management and Vendor Coordination, Architecture and Engineering includes developing the required drawings that will be used by contractors for bidding, permitting and construction. These areas can include Architectural, Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, Structural Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Interior Design Services. Some of these services are provided in-house by HTG, others are contracted out to trusted professionals with the right kind of expertise for your project. We do look to partner with local service providers when deemed appropriate.

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