Industry Research and Planning: EvoProcess

Meet EvoProcess

As our proprietary method of planning, designing and coordinating projects, EvoProcess keeps HTG up-to-date on the industries we serve and use that knowledge to exceed our clients’ needs. EvoProcess isn’t something we do on a project by project basis. Instead, it’s an ongoing, foundational component of our learning process. With EvoProcess, our commitment to listening and learning extends from our clients’ perspective to take a whole picture view of what’s going on in their given industry. By investing our time and energy into industry-specific education, we are able to more adequately provide solutions which support each client’s success and drive growth.

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EvoBank®, EvoSport and EvoComm

“Evo” (the evolving process) is our process of research and planning. To further meet the needs of our clients by developing and maintaining expertise in their various industries, we’ve separated our EvoProcess into three distinct categories: EvoBank®, EvoComm and EvoSport. This helps us to more fully stay on top of any trends or changes within the primary industries we serve: financial, recreational and commercial.

In any area of industry, our clients aren’t expected to have all of the answers or educate us about their industry. Instead, we teach each client about the trends in their respective industry.

We only ask that our clients bring what they know best to the table: their brand, their story, their culture. By melding our expertise with each client’s vision, we ensure that the elements behind why your customers choose to do business with you are reflected in the final product.

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