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Founded in 1959 by Gene Hickey, HTG Architects began as an architecture firm specializing in financial institution projects. Now, we’re known throughout the industry for recreational projects, retail projects, commercial projects, office buildings and industrial buildings. But there are two types of projects that have become our primary niche: financial institutions (banks and credit unions) and recreational buildings (especially ice arenas). We’re very confident in our ability to meld each client’s vision with our expertise to design and create a facility that works best for them.

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Our People

It is precisely because of our people that HTG Architects has become the company it is today. From our partners and project architects to our interior designers, every member of the HTG team does their part to uphold our core values and execute on behalf of our clients.

Core Values

In the truest sense, our core values guide us in everything we do. From day-to-day communications and performance, rewards and recognition to hiring and training, we keep our core values front and center. For us, everything begins with service and ends with relationships.

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