Core Values

Everything we do begins with service

At HTG Architects, we lead with service. We believe in providing great service to everybody. Whether they’re a lender at a bank, a president of a company, a secretary managing the front desk or an operations person, serve everybody you interact with. We believe leading with service helps us develop good, long-lasting relationships.

Our commitment to service is strengthened and supported by the remaining core values: we listen, we learn, we invest and we are passionate! Through it all, we remain focused on solutions that make a difference for our clients. When it comes to our clients, their priority is our priority.

Team at Conference Table
We Serve
Using humble confidence to make life easier for others, our clients, and our team with dedication by guiding
We Listen
By asking questions to gain perspective
We Learn
To gain understanding by seeking more knowledge to become experts
We Invest
In social capital and relationships
We Are Passionate
With a positive attitude in how we communicate and educate
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Core Focus

In all aspects, we remain focused on developing solutions for our clients’ needs. To us, the best solutions are those that make a difference. When it comes down to it, we don’t care if you want a fish house or a Taj Mahal; whichever it is, we are committed to finding a solution that’s right for you.

Our Why: Solutions that Make a Difference

Our What: More than Architects

Our Commitment: Your Priority is our Priority

That is why we want to learn about your story, your brand and your culture. All of those aspects are the reasons why your customers choose to do business with you. And that’s where any project should center.

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